Cheetah Piss Delta 8 Flower

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Cheetah Piss Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 Flower

Cannabis nostalgia has a powerful influence on people as well. The effect of smoking excellent pot is that it brings my happy childhood memories closer and more vivid, to the point that I interrupted Toy Story just before the Pizza Planet scene last night to take a little smoke. It doesn't always work, but when the appropriate strain and mentality are combined, I can frequently take enjoyable mental journeys back in time when the present is giving me a bad night. Cheetah Piss delta 8 flower, a Cookies Fam delta 8 flower strain with a name that seems more like high-octane dirt-bike gasoline than hemp, appeared tailor-made to fit into that kind of strain.

It was called in honor of Cat Piss, an aggressive, ammonia-smelling strain that became popular in medical marijuana clinics on the West Coast throughout the 2000s. Cheetah Piss delta 8 flower is a hybrid between Cheetah and Cat Piss. As tokers had access to additional smelly alternatives, though, strains smelling (and labeled) like Cat Piss began to recede from view. Despite this, I've always loved the sour, fume-like nuances of Cat Piss and saw it as a means to distinguish genuine potheads from imitators. In seeing Cookies, a breeder responsible for the current Cake and Pie strain craze in dispensaries, embrace those characteristics with Cheetah Piss, I have faith that we will see more resurgences of old-school cannabis breeding techniques in the future.

Do not anticipate Cheetah Piss delta 8 flower to produce a high that is comparable to that of its predecessor, on the other hand. Its Lemonnade, Gelato, and London Poundcake genetics are more conducive to relaxing than the racy effects of Cat Piss, a Super Silver Haze phenotype that is a phenotype of Super Silver Haze. Nonetheless, there are cannabis strains branded "Cat Piss" that include Afghani and Trainwreck genetics, indicating that this is not the first time a clever breeder has re-created buds that smell like a fresh bottle of Sex Panther.