D8 Delta Gummies 500mg

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Size: 500mg 20 gummies (25mg per gummy)

Contains: 500mg Delta 8 

Caviar x Kush D8 Delta 8 Gummies

Want to experience the better things in life, but don't want to spend a fortune doing so? Delta 8 Gummies infused with Delta 8. The smoothness of the Caviar strain and the earthiness of the Kush strain add something special to your delta 8 experience. Black watermelon with a thin dusting of powdered sugar create an insatiable opulence. It's impossible not to get carried away with the delicious taste of these high-quality delta 8 gummies. There is nothing fishy about this caviar-like substance.

Blue x Razz D8 Delta 8 Gummies


Looking for a delta 8 gummy that packs a nostalgic punch? You've discovered it! Delta-8  Gummies Blue x Razz provide the famous sweet and sour blue raspberry taste, making the lips pucker and the palate go crazy. Not to mention that this hybrid strain will have an uplifting impact on you. We only utilize natural flavors in the production of these gummies, so you can experience genuine blueberry and raspberry extracts with each mouthful.

Berry x Blast D8 Delta 8 Gummies

Who doesn't want to enjoy the taste of fresh, juicy berries? Delta-8 Gummies Berry x Blast are made with real berry extracts to make your tongue drenched in sweet and tangy juices. Because this strain is high in delta 8, it will also make you feel happy. These hemp gummies are made with only the best ingredients. They're a great way to have some delta 8 gummies fun.

Sour x Lemonade D8 Delta 8 Gummies

A classic-homemade lemonade is the best thing to drink on a hot summer day, because it tastes so good with a little bit of zest. So, we've worked extra hard to turn that tasty treat into a jar of delta 8-infused gummies that you can enjoy all year long. Delta-8 Gummies Sour X Lemonade will make you and your body feel better at the same time. Natural, carefully chosen ingredients make it have a sweet and sour lemony taste. It also gives your body the mildly psychoactive delta 8 cannabinoid, which makes you feel a little high.

Mango x Tango D8 Delta 8 Gummies

A tropical feeling that will make you want to dance all night long would be a great thing to do, right? We all know that it takes two to dance. Cannabis gummy bears made by Delta-8. Mango x Tango gives the taste buds a dreamy trip to paradise because this indica strain has a lot of happy properties. Each piece has a delicious mango flavor thanks to the use of real fruit extracts. They're fresh, juicy, sweet, and have just the right amount of tangy splendor to make them delicious.

Lime x Sorbet D8 Delta 8 Gummies

It's time to change up your delta 8 gummy routine. If you want to get high, you can't go wrong with Delta-8 Gummies Lime x Sorbet. Because this indica strain is so relaxing, the generous serving of bright, zesty, and tropical lime sorbet flavor that comes from real fruit makes for a flavorful experience that's both fresh and bold. Soon, you will learn how great these delta 8 gummies are. They have just the right amount of sweetness to make your taste buds want more.