Mac 1 Delta 8 Flower

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Mac 1 Delta 8 THC Flower

24% Delta 8 Lab Tested

MAC 1, also known as "Miracle Alien Cookies X1," is a kind of alien cookie. Has been developed as a backcross of the legendary MAC strain to produce an equally balanced hybrid strain (50 percent indica, 50 percent sativa). When you smoke this famous strain, the well-known benefits of MAC are amplified to a whole new level, giving you a highly lifted sensation that will keep you soaring higher and higher the more you toke. Beginning with a surge of euphoria that fills your mind with an expansive bliss, the high gradually eases away negative or racing thoughts and replaces them with creative drive and pure enjoyment as it travels down your body. This cerebral boost is accompanied by a calming physical high, which helps to keep you connected to the world below while your mind soars higher and higher into outer space and beyond. When combined with its very high average content of 20-23 percent, these powerful effects make MAC 1 an excellent choice. Featuring a traditional sour diesel taste with a spicy herbal overtone that's complimented by sweet citrus, this bud is sure to please. The scent is fairly similar, except there is a strong pungent overtone that stays long after you have finished your last puff. Indica-dominant MAC 1 buds are spherical, fluffy, dark olive green nugs with deep purple overtones, thin orange hairs, and an accumulation of small white crystal trichomes covering the surface of the plant.