Packwoods Pink Rozay Delta 8 Blunt

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Packwoods Pink Rozay Delta 8 Blunt

Packwoods has been able to use a slow-burning, smooth, and natural leaf. Every blunt comes with an attached filter that ensures a smooth and steady draw from start to finish. Packwood's blunts have all of these characteristics, making them some of the best in the country. Cookies bred Pink Rozay, a powerful indica marijuana strain. Pink Rozay is a cocktail inspired by the vibrant, floral tastes found in a glass of rose - but without the headache. Smoking Pink Rozay can offer you a heavy head high while also making your body feel relaxed. Because this strain is recognized for having a high delta 8 content, it's best to consume it in modest doses. Rozay nugs are pink and icy.

Pink Rozay


  • 2 gram Pink Rozay Delta 8 
  • Box and Packaging
  • Glass tip
  • Kief 
  • Nugrun Sauce