Wedding Cake Delta 8 Flower

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Wedding Cake Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 THC Flower Lab Tested

With an average delta 8 content of roughly 23% in Wedding Cake, novices should be aware that THC levels may regularly reach up to 25% delta 8 thc in this strain and have even been tested as high as a mind-blowing 35% delta 8 thc in certain strains (see below).
It often has a frosty look, with orange hairs and a high concentration of trichomes on the surface.

Wedding Cake delta 8 flower is a powerful and fast-acting strain that will have you feeling the effects in your brain in no time. Initially, the sensations may create giddiness and feelings of exhilaration, but your thoughts may become strong, and you may have a sense of heightened awareness as a result.